Aceh Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Aceh is very exciting while vacation to this province. Aceh Snorkeling Spots are spread out in several islands such as Weh Island, Banyak Island, Aceh Besar and Pulo Aceh. Snorkeling in these spots will make you memorable experience on an underwater adventure.

Our snorkeling trips in Aceh will become an exciting addition to natural beach holiday experience. We will let you to discover the beauty of natural wonders and the heaven for sea lovers. Aceh underwater world has plenty to offer for snorkelers. It has biodiverse for marine life, rare species and amazing sea gardens.

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The best sites for snorkeling in Aceh

Snorkeling in Weh Island where you can enjoy and having fun with dozens of fish in the clear blue waters. Weh Island Snorkeling spot scattered around the island. One of the best snorkeling spot is in Rubiah Sea Garden, you will find many kinds of sea creatures and underwater universe. Read more below:

Snorkeling in Aceh Island, is truly amazing. Located northwest of Weh Island is naturally untouched despite its small size. Pulo Aceh Snorkeling spot is almost the same as Weh Island. Snorkeling here giving it a more relaxed and laid back atmosphere. The blue ocean water and also clear allow you to swim among the small fish and colorful coral. Read more below:

Snorkeling in Banyak Islands, is like in paradise. Banyak Islands has numerous snorkeling spot with rich of underwater attractions. Besides of the snorkeling activity, the tourist can enjoy many other activities such as island hopping, beach walking, trekking, diving and many others. Read more below:

Trips Formats:

The snorkeling adventure trip in Weh Island, Aceh Island & Banyak Islands is combining with the regular tour offered by Safari Wisata International. Besides, if you are happy with other activity we offer in the place that you would like to visit, please let us know.

  • 4D3N Trips

Day 01 : Airport Pick-up & Short Tour

Day 02 : Snorkeling Trip

Day 03 : Regular Tour (You may also choose other activity if you happy for it such as Spearfishing, Camping, etc)

Day 04 : Airport Drop-off

The trip will combine with the regular tour offered below:

If you are happy for holiday in Aceh more than 4 days with more activities, please let us know. We will design the trip for you as your request.

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