Aceh Spearfishing Trip & Charter

Aceh Spearfishing Trip & Charter will be a pleasure for you who love spearfishing in the wonder nature. Spearfishing in Aceh can be done in various spots. GTs is one of the most sought and common fish to hunt. Compounded by the incredible natural beauty areas and magnificent fish resource, the spearfishing trips to Aceh has so much to offer. We listen to what our costumer need and we have developed the spearfishing trips in Aceh in several spots around Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar, Weh Island and Pulo Aceh. All the spots allowing you to discover the challenging, great view, beautiful reefs and truly get the most from the adventure holiday.

Aceh Spearfishing

Aceh is located in northern tip of Sumatra or in the westernmost of Indonesia. You will find many rice fields, beautiful mountains, rain forest and splendid beaches. The fantastic spearfishing spot in Aceh with rich marine resources, steep drop off and rushing currents are the perfect hunting ground for Dog-tooth Tuna and GTs. With the crystal clear water with over 20-30 meters visibility offer great adventure.  Besides, the Dogtooth Tuna and GTs, there are a lot of other fish to hunt such as Red Snapper, Yellow Snapper, Grouper, Rainbow Runner, Big Squid, and Spanish Mackerel.

4 Days 3 Nights Aceh Spearfishing Trip Itinerary:

Day 01: Airport Pick-up & Short Tour

Day 02: Spearfishing Trip (Western Coast of Aceh Spearfishing Spot)

Day 03: Spearfishing Trip (Western Coast of Aceh Spearfishing Spot)

Day 04: Airport Drop-off

Package Included:

  • Transport
  • Accommodation 3 Nights
  • Private Trip
  • Meals
  • Fishing Boat
  • Spear-gun
  • Skipper/captain
  • Insurance
  • Diving Suit (If needed)
  • Fin & mask (if needed)
  • Head-cover (if needed)

Package Not Included:

  • Flight ticket
  • Tipping

Spearfishing Package Price : Please Contact Us

The Spearfishing Spots & Destination:

  1. Aceh Besar
  2. Pulo Aceh
  3. Weh Island
  4. Aceh Jaya

Best Time for Spearfishing in Aceh: Please send us inquiries for further information

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